Zone 13 is a classic Mutation, Hero and Hero Mode X map sets within a large quarantined suburb with various accessible buildings and spot to defend.


  • Zone 13 (Most versions).
  • Area 13 (Brazil, Philippines).
  • 13th Zone (Indonesia, Japan).
  • District 13 (China, Taiwan).
  • Friday 13th (Vietnam).


The map is a vast suburb surrounded by buildings, which few of them can be access. A majority of the map happens to be a main road, reaching most of the buildings. There's a lot of spot for soldiers to defend, from easier to much challenging ones. It is suitable for every Mutation Mode variants and is considered as a classic.

Most interiors are relatively empty, with only few crates while the outside is filled with crates and containers. There are two bus, mainly used as parkour route or spots sometimes. Some spots require massive firepower and a lot of ammunition in order to survive, some other easier one only requires weapons with good knock-back effect.

Most glasses are thin glass, which makes it easy for mutants to infect soldiers through, although it is unfair since glasses are bulletproof. Same deal with most containers that can be access, if a soldier is too close from the side, they could get infected as well. With that knowledge in mind, you can avoid this when camping in certain spots.


The Overpass Description
Spot Overpass Soldiers can access the top of the overpass by requesting a boost from teammates and jump on the wooden panel. It is an effective spot, although mutants are able to boost from either sides of the bridge, with the help of fellow mutants.

Traffic Lights Description
Spot Traffic Although mutants can attack from various angle, with good coordination, it is a good spot for soldiers. It is however important for them to know that assassins can easily push them down with their grenades; in such case, they should consider jumping.

The Balcony Description
Spot Balcony The balcony located on the second floor of a building, which requires massive firepower in order to successfully hold it. Additionally, the mutants may attempt infect soldiers from the container below or through the window if soldiers are too close.

Second Floor Description
Spot Second The second floor of a large building may be hold by soldiers, it is a recommended spot in Hero Mode X. However, there's a risk due to a spawn point at the back of the open room. It is important for them to check it every time a mutant might respawn.

Containers Stack Description
Spot Yard There is a small stack of containers, near a car, where soldiers may attempt to defend by cover the stack of crates leading up to the highest container. Mutants will either get trapped by soldiers or eventually attempt to boost from the container behind.

The Container Description
Spot Container A small open container, next to the same car, can be hold by a few soldiers. Although, due to its lack of space, it would make it rather difficulty for them to survive. Too many soldiers might cause problems, while too low might cause lack of firepower, etc.

The Containers Description
Spot Containers Two containers next to each other, which gives a lot of space to deal with the mutants. Although careless soldiers may get infected by the back door or the gap between the two containers. If these gaps are avoided, soldiers may easily focus on the entrance.

Concrete Rooftop Description
Spot Concrete A concrete rooftop with a lot of space to spread out and defend the gap between the rooftop and the containers, so it does requires good firepower overall. Although, it is possible, in really rare case, that a group of mutants successfully boost from behind.

Bus Shelter Description
Spot Shelter A group of soldiers could attempt and defend the top of the bus shelter by defending both side of the bus. It does requires good firepower though and multiple soldiers in order to cover reload time of their fellow teammates.

Ledge Spot Description
Spot Ledge Inside one of the building leading to the overpass, contains a narrow ledge that have enough space for three soldiers maximum. As any additional soldiers are very likely to get infected through the window. Note: mutants may eventually boost to get to them.

Containers Yard Description
Spot Yard2 There's a bunch of containers at the end of the road, with another ledge for soldiers to camp on. They need to focus on the main access point, then cover the ledge and below them, should it get out of control, especially if mutants starts boosting.

Exit Spot Description
Spot Exit Another spot that requires massive firepower, considering the ledge is not too large. Soldiers may successfully hold it as long they focus on both the ledge, below the spot for boosting mutants and in rare case, from the window ledge across the stairs.



  • Due to its name in CFVietnam, it's a good map for Friday 13th related events. The Game Masters make rooms, then invite random players. Top three players receive good prizes, while others get complimentary stuff.
  • In the earlier version of this map, there was some boxes next to the bus in the roads (see image above), however these boxes was removed in the final version.
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