Zombie Mode is the first PVE (Players vs. Environment) based mode in CrossFire.


This mode requires players to cooperative to finish the map's preset goal. In most cases, the map contains NPC-controlled Zombies confronting players and they must be killed/dodged to process on.

Main article: Zombie Mode/Hordes
The hordes in Zombies can be either mutants or zombies, but both are programmed to defeat human players, which means they can't jump off/drop-down ledge or jump corner to get to the upper level. Some zombies, however, can go anywhere around the map including slopes, inclines that players cannot climb.

Main artcle: Zombie Mode/Bosses
Bosses are the main guardian of most Zombie Mode maps that players will confront at various waves (usually the last one) and must be defeated to win the match.

Main article: Zombie Mode/Rewards
Rewards are the prizes of the maps obtained by gaining a certain score, collecting 5 Boss Tokens, or gaining the match's rate (SS, S+, A, B,...). The rewards are various, including the corresponding types of equipment, temporary character, and temporary/permanent weapons.

Main article: Zombie Mode/Tactics
Players can do many tactics related to the mode or with Anti-Zombie weapons to defeat bosses and hordes of mutants, zombie easier.

Main article: Zombie Mode/AI Ticket
AI Ticket is an item that allows players to obtain various prizes, including permanent characters and weapons in Zombie Mode. Players simply need to shoot the zombie to collect the prizes with random chance.

Originally, this mode was known as Challenge Mode. Since the arrival of several new modes, it has been broken into several sub-mode as listed below.

Zombie Mode type

Scoring System

Players get points for shooting/killing zombies/bosses, and these will be used to rank their result at the end of the match, which is sometimes used to determine Reward Crates tier. Equipping certain VVIP Weapons will boost player's scores significantly, allowing for a higher chance to earn the best Reward Crates.

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