Winchester-Scope is a rifle variant of the Winchester featured in CrossFire.


It has a black texture with red rose stripe like AK-47-Scope and features a scope like the scope of a PSG-1.


  • CF China
  • CF West
  • CF Korea
  • CF Russia



  • The Winchester-Scope variant was incorrectly classified as an SMG in CrossFire West for a time. This has since been rectified and is now considered a Rifle.
  • If you compared the stats of this gun and original Winchester, the stats stated the Winchester-Scope deals more damage.
  • The scope mounted on this Winchester is the same one used on PSG-1, but performs as an optical zoom scope instead a sniper scope.
  • This weapon was added as a prize in Zombie Mode in CF Europe, but for unknown reasons it was removed, alongside P90-Camo and AK47-Gold.


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