Winchester is a Wild West era lever-action rifle featured in CrossFire.


The Winchester Rifle and its variants behave very similarly to shotguns, as at close range it sometimes inflicts 1 body shot kills (not always consistent), and at medium range 2-3 body shot kills. At long ranges, it will often only cause paper-cuts in terms of damage though. It has a very quick draw time, faster than most primary weapons.

Lever action rifles use internal magazines like most shotguns, so each cartridge must be loaded one-by-one. This makes reloads very slow, though reload canceling can be performed (the reload animation for the Winchesters are slower than shotguns in-game).

Due to the slow fire rate, slow reload, very limited range, and inconsistencies in terms of damage output, the Winchester rifles are considered joke weapons and are very rarely seen in use among players.


  • There are many players that incorrectly refer this weapon as a shotgun instead of a rifle. This is because its design and firing mode is similar to shotguns.
    • It also should be noted that the Winchester M1873 has some similar traits with the infamous Winchester M1887 shotgun.
  • Although considered as a joke, Winchester can be useful for expert players who play in Mutation Mode and Hero Mode (not include Hero Mode X and its variants) because it gives devastating push-back effect on Mutants once hit with only a single shot. Its reloading speed is still a problem, though.
  • While most lever action rifles use pistol cartridges, they should still be able to inflict great damage at far ranges in real life, unlike the Winchester's weak long range damage in-game.
  • The Winchester 1873 is often referred to as one of the guns that won the West, alongside with the Colt SAA.
  • Everytime the Winchester is drawn, the character spins it around while holding on to the lever. This is another way of cocking a lever action rifle, popularized in the old Western TV series The Rifleman.



CrossFire - Winchester - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - Winchester - Weapon Gameplay

Winchester gameplay

Winchester CrossFire 2

Winchester CrossFire 2.0

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