"Wild West is a group of experienced gunfighters that in the Old West times could be found on both sides of the law of the western frontier. Today their rugged members are up for hire for all dangerous missions."
- in-game description

Wild West is the first all-male VVIP character set in CrossFire.


This character composes three male characters from all three perspective sides. Similar to Heirs, they don't have the Furious Kick, but they use a similar attack with Martial Art - the Wild Uppercut. They have own their voice pack for all sides like any other VVIP characters.

Wild West is a cowboy-themed character with a Southern accent and cowboy attire. The Global Risk side has a blue shirt and a leather vest with a bandolier across his chest. The Black List side has a red handkerchief with a white shirt and a leather vest also donning a bandolier and ammo belt. Both GR and BL have black pants, boots, and a cowboy hat. The Special Character isn't cowboy-themed but instead has a black shirt and pants with metal armor sporting red accents, he also has black glasses, kneepads, and gloves.


  • CF West
  • No other versions yet.

VVIP Features

  • Wild Uppercut: Available in Search & Destroy and Team Deathmatch. Press E next to an enemy to perform a knockout punch attack and kill him/her, Wild West will celebrate the kill afterward, similar to Heirs' Martial Attack.
  • Wanted: Take revenge on an enemy who killed you in a row in Search & Destroy, TDM, or FFA up to 3 times per game. By hovering your crosshair to the enemy, they'll be colored yellow along with "Wanted" tag on their head for easier detection. If you kill the designated Wanted target within a certain time, you succeed in revenge. When successful, a magazine is added, and reload speed is increased temporarily.
  • Throwing Knife: Throwable knives (Press 2); cannot be used in Ghost Mode (BL), Ghost Vs. Mutants, and Knife Matches.
  • Special Character: Available in Zombie Modes and Mutation Modes, retains all bonus perks.
  • Flash Guard: Flash effect reduced (stackable with counterpart items).
  • Reduced Fall Damage.
  • Immunity to self/teammates' grenades.
  • 200% EXP bonus for the owner.


  • Wild West is the first VVIP character that is all-male, compared to other VVIP characters that feature at least 1 female character. He is also the first VVIP character to be released outside of CF China first, and he's also the second VVIP to be released outside of CF China first, after AK47-Beast.



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