"An elite group of soldiers from the US Military, the White Wolf have been deployed in various parts of the world including the Middle East and Central America."
- in-game description

White Wolf is a male character featured in CrossFire.


This history was taken on CF Vietnam's official homepage. Other versions may be different.

The battle between Global Risk and Black List has been going on all those years and it doesn't seem to end any time soon. To ensure their stable supply of weapons and treatments, BL has been training a special team called the First Avengers a few years ago, but this section, influenced by money, split away from their founder and start their own faction, using the same name F.A given to them in the old days. They take orders from any government or independent force to transport goods around the world, and their motto is "Do Not Open The Goods" - this ensures that they won't know anything about the stuff they transport and they are not responsible for the usage of it for both parties. The First Avengers soldiers are capable of mowing down anyone on their way as long as their assignment is fulfilled, and they do not hesitate of killing people against them.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions


  • This character was at first named as White Wolf in CF Indonesia. After later updates, the name is now changed to Serigala Putih which is the Indonesian translation of White Wolf where "white" means "putih" and "wolf" means "serigala". It is unknown why the GMs of CF Indonesia decided to translate the name of this character into Bahasa Indonesia.
  • This character is officially called F.A in CF Vietnam. Many people mockingly call them Forever Alone due to the initials, and VTC also used this word play to promote First Avengers in subsequent events.
  • Even though this character is named White Wolf in CF Philippines, its description mentions it as Special Force Group, which is CF West's name for the character.
  • White Wolf's BL form is often portrayed as the Black List's leader in many of CG Movies made by Tencent.
  • In CF Brazil, there are 2 versions of this character: White Wolf and Black Wolf, which are both obtainable through AI Ticket System. The White Wolf has the ability to increase time on the adrenaline bar (Zombie Mode) and the Black Wolf has the flash guard ability.



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