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Weapon Upgrade System is a weapon system in CrossFire. It allows players to upgrade certain weapons to a newer form and buffs its usefulness.


Players can visit the WU shop via a menu in the Item Shop - here, they can check out all upgradeable weapons as well as their levels, and related perks that come with it. Upgrading a weapon requires corresponding materials, however.

Each time a weapon is upgraded, it will gain additional perks such as increased ammo per magazine, more spare ammo, faster drawing/reloading speed,... In addition, the weapon will change its appearance based on the level it reaches - most of these weapons usually a total of 3 forms. Unlike with Wave Mode's class cards, upgrading is 100% success as long as players have enough materials.

There are three types of materials to upgrade corresponding weapons:

  • Upgrade Kit: Material for Royal Guard weapons. Obtainable via Mileage Shop.
  • ZM Stone: Material for Anti-Zombie weapons. Obtainable by playing certain Zombie Mode maps or bought from the Trade System (not available in all servers).
  • Supreme ZM Stone: Special material for Anti-Zombie weapon such as AA-12-Buster. This material is obtainable when combining 25 ZM stones and 1 Supreme Potion (bought from Item Shop).


  • Available in all CrossFire versions

Upgradeable Weapons

Anti-Zombie Weapon Dismantle System

Players are now able to dismantle any Anti-Zombie weapons (except VVIP weapons and their variants), including Black Market/Item Shop weapons such as M240B-Tesla, P90-Wild Shot, Xuan Yuan Sword, or free-obtainable ones like AK47-Buster, Mini Gigant Fist. This system can help players to remove unexpected duplicated Anti-Zombie weapons in the Item Storage, and most of these weapons can be dismantled into 20 ZM Stone, while the upgraded Level 2/Level 3 weapons can be dismantled into 25/35 ZM Stones.


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