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Weapon Master TDM is a Team Deathmatch add-on based on the original Weapon Master mode in CrossFire. Similar to the original Weapon Master, it restricts all players to use their own weapons. But instead of a class, players will use a set weapon and score kill to level up and change weapons accordingly.


  • CF China: Weapon Master Team Match
  • CF Vietnam: Weapon Master TDM
  • CF North America: Weapon Master TDM
  • CF Brazil: Arsenal Master TDM
  • CF Español: Weapon Master TDM
  • CF Europe: Weapon Master TDM


Up to 16 players (8 players in both BL and GR side) can join a Weapon Master TDM room. Everyone will start at level 1 and be armed with a random assault rifle and a Knife as backup weapon - from here, it's up to each player to score kill and climb up in level.

Each time a new level is reached, player will gain access to a new weapon and once a milestone is reached, player will change weapon class, from Rifles to SMG, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Melee / Grenade, and ending with the Special Melee Weapon. But unlike the original Weapon Master, the weapon set are totally random. Players also have a chance to receive reskinned weapons from all weapon class (i.e AWM-Ultimate Gold, Steyr TMP-Valentine etc).

The match ends once a player from one team reached the final level, when the team reached a specific score, or when the timer runs out.



  • In Crossfire VN, there is an event that from 12/01/2018 to 19/01/2018, the player who climp up from level 1 to level 12 with the shortest time will receive 13 pernament weapons he/she'd like to choose, the second will receive 5, and 3 lucky players will receive 2 (random choose).
    • This is one of a few competitive events that requires player to submit video footages of their result rather than screenshots, leading to many players complaining because they don't know how to screen-record properly.
    • Due to the hard conditions of the event (Using quick join button with setting : At least 8 players, room at waiting mod; Video must be start record before the player hit the quick join button - this cause lag a lot for most players joining this event), not much players decide to join this event.