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Weapon Customization is a part of the VVIP System in CrossFire.


In this system, you can change the look of your VVIP weapons either partially or completely.

Color Customization

M4A1-S Prism Beast's Customization Interface

Color Customization (or Thousand Transform) is a perk of M4A1-S Prism Beast and part of the VVIP System which allows players to design their weapons by changing the color of some gun parts (usually 4). There will be a color pack given that is already available when buying M4A1-S Prism Beast. You can save your design permanently or change it at any time you want.

Victor Class VVIP Weapons

Initially, Weapon Customization was exclusive only in M4A1-S Prism Beast. In recent updates, some VVIP weapons in Victor class can also be color-customized; however, players will have to buy two different color packs and have fewer colors available than the M4A1-S Prism Beast's has. Players can customize the weapons if they want to.

So far, these are the VVIP weapons in the Victor class which can be color-customized. There are 4 gun parts which can be customized based on different weapons:

AK47-Beast: Head, body, dust cover, and magazine.

Barrett M82A1-Born Beast: Head, body, breathing slot, and scope rings.

Desert Eagle-Born Beast: Head, body, handle and back-up knife.

M4A1-S Transformers: Head, body, handle and butt-stock. (similar to M4A1-S Prism Beast)

Alternate Skin

As its name suggests, you can replace your VVIP weapons' default skin with a new one. Basically, it changes the look of your weapon, but still retains all perks featured in the weapons.

These are the current weapon skins that you can apply to VVIP weapons. Alternative Skins are specific to some guns and are included in their respective pages.


  • Whether or not a weapon is color-customized or skin-attached, they only change the in-game HUD in both first-person and third-person views. They don't change the weapon's killmark, Item Icon, Bag Icon, or the HUD Icon; however, weapon skins feature specific skin icons on the top left of the weapon slot and in the Bag Icon, and the weapon's name in the HUD Icon gets changed also.
  • Many of the weapon skins in CF China eventually became its own variants when released to other servers, meaning players can't simply spend a small amount of cash to buy the skin but they would have to spin capsules instead. The main reason for this is to boost capsules sale, but mostly because other servers don't implement strong anti-modding measurements against rez file editing, so players could simply do skin-mod to get free skins for their VVIPs.