Water Park is a Melee Only map sets within the pool section of a water park. It offers an unique gameplay feature that allows soldiers to twist their opponent's neck!


  • Water Park (most version).
  • Playground (Indonesia).


A symmetrical map, taking place inside a closed pool section of the Water World park, surrounded by various slides, tube and pirate ship. Most of the map is filled with water, obviously, as of the rest, it is mostly made of wood material, including the spawn areas, the tunnel, broken bridge, etc.

Global Risk spawns in front of a random wooden house, while Black List spawns near the section's gate entrance. Both parties can either step directly into the pool, use the broken bridge or access the tunnel. The tunnel is rather narrow, which offers tight encounters, although the middle window always provide an exit back to the pool.

There is a hut at the center of the pool, with some launch pads to access its top, giving a good view on the area. The hut's top is rather small, so tight encounters are also in order to up there. Additionally, it also provides soldiers with an another quick access to the tunnel by jumping straight into the open window

The main twist of this map is that soldiers are able to perform a neck twist take-down by executing secondary attack when sneaking up behind their opponent. Successful take-down will grant soldiers with three points. Additionally, racking up killstreaks increases soldier's speed, which last until he dies or start a new streak. Only Melee!


  • Due to the neck twist mechanics being violent, it was rumored that this map could not make it to CrossFire Vietnam. However, in 20th Jan. 2016, this map reached CrossFire Vietnam, striking off the impossibility of the arrival of the map.



Cross Fire China PlayGround (Water Park) (Twist Neck Mode) (Team DeathMatch) GamePlay !

Cross Fire China PlayGround (Water Park) (Twist Neck Mode) (Team DeathMatch) GamePlay !

Water Park gameplay

CrossFire China - Water Park Review!

CrossFire China - Water Park Review!

Water Park review

CrossFire China - Water Park Gameplay!

CrossFire China - Water Park Gameplay!

Water Park Gameplay

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