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Warehouse is a Team DeathMatch map sets in some ruins near the ocean. This place was used as a depot but is now abandoned.


  • CF China: Abandoned Warehouse
  • Not available elsewhere.


This map is a remake of Sudden Attack's map with the same name. Instead of being indoor, it's mainly outside and using normal crates instead of containers. The layout remains fairly similar except for few minor differences. Unlike most Team DeathMatch maps, this map isn't symmetrical, which leads to some interesting fight.

Both teams spawns in a large indoor area where they can exit through 2 large doors or the tunnel on their right. At the end of each tunnels, there's breakable walls like the crates in Research Facility. The way the crates are placed at Black List's side give them an advantage as they can reach Global Risk's tunnel, which they cannot on their side.

As this map is a remake, it will probably stays as an exclusive map for CrossFire China. Any other versions would be really lucky to get this map or any other remake available in these versions.


  • The old version was used for about 3 months, then Tencent updated the new one to replace the old one silently. New Warehouse gave more details and slight bigger than the old one.
  • After 29th March 2017, CF China updated the new version and deleted 12 TDM maps which under 0.1% playing rate. Warehouse was included in these. So far this map has gone and didn't available for other version.



Chinese CrossFire - Abandoned Warehouse TD Sudden Attack map !

Chinese CrossFire - Abandoned Warehouse TD Sudden Attack map !

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