Void Terminator is a special mutant character playable in the Master Hero Mode X.


Uniquely from the two Fiery Terminators, Void Terminator seems to be a human wearing an outfit with armors, cloak with the Void Ring on his back and might come from a dimensional fissure, hence his name. He doesn't have any weapon attached or come from his hand, so he has to use his Great Sword-Void.

By pressing G, he can create the Void Sphere on his hand and target nearly location within 30 meters and mark it, and he can teleport to that marked point by pressing G.


Available along with the Master Hero Mode X content.


  • Strangely, the in-game model of Void Terminator doesn't show his face while the artwork does, but only partially, as he wears the headgear covering his eyes.



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