Not to be confused with VVIP System , the in-game shop that offer exclusive merchandises
VIP System is a system exclusive to rich players (either on subscriptions or spending lots of money) in CrossFire.


  • CF China - Subscriptions (30 Yuan / month)
  • CF Vietnam - Money spending (1269 vcoin+, plus owning 1 VVIP item)

VIP benefits

Ingame features:

  • Red IGN / Red chat text (Default).
  • EXP Bonus (With the increase in VIP level)
  • Pinned room on top of the channel.
  • Ability to buy VIP marked items.
  • +1 ammo mag for all weapons in bag.
  • There will be no punishment in midway out
  • Ability to vote kick in all modes (Except for Ranking match)
  • Ability to vote kick anyone in team-based mode
  • Protected against vote kick 3 times per match (Early Version|Cancelled Now)
  • Protected against vote kick 2 times per match (Later Version|Cancelled Now)

Web features:

  • Prioritized account support
  • Extra account protection against thieves and hackers
  • Exclusive events
  • Exclusive gifts for ranking up and Birthday Party
  • Level down character on demand*
  • Remove Black Market items on demand
  • Access to VIP Hotine (24/7)

Ingame features:

  • Red IGN / red chat text (Default).
  • Pinned room on top of the channel.
  • Exclusive Namecards / Spray (Permanent, ranking dependent).
  • No penalties for deserting matches.
  • +1 ammo mag for all weapons in bag.

(*) Only for players who have reached Marshal rank


  • CF Vietnam's VIP System does have in-game perks, although it's still "under construction". It was eventually added following 1231 patch, and the effect is permanent - once players reach desired VIP rank, it'll stay forever even if the web-ranking is downgraded.
  • CF North America has a similar feature with their new Web Shop, in which VIP-marked items can only be purchased by players who own at least 1 VVIP item. However, this shop is web based rather than in-game.
    • Likewise, CF Brazil is offering a limited edition VIP Shop for those who own at least 1 VVIP item.