Uzi is a submachine gun featured in CrossFire.


Uzi (or Mini Uzi) is a compact submachine gun fed using the 9mm cartridges. It is one of the unpopular submachine gun in CrossFire, which does low damage and is notoriously inaccurate. Recoil is pretty high in comparison with other SMGs.

Because of its high rate of fire, the Uzi runs out of ammo faster than almost all other fully automatic weapon in the game. It makes up for it with its very fast reload speed and light weight.


  • Moderate accuracy.
  • Very high rate of fire.
  • Fast drawing speed.
  • Fast reloading speed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Purchasable in item shop for GPs.
  • Has 4 spare magazines. (some version)


  • Low damage dealing.
  • High recoil.
  • Bad spraying pattern.
  • Losses accuracy when sprayed.
  • Easily runs dry.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.

Tips and Tactics

  • Use the Uzi's light weight, small size, and fast reload to rush, hide, and flank enemies from the side or rear.
  • Taking opponents head-on isn't recommended because of the Uzi's low damage per hit. Use stealth tactics instead.
  • Pairing the Uzi with a high-power, high-accuracy pistol (such as Mauser M1896, Desert Eagle or Anaconda) is recommended, so you can use the pistol to attack from beyond the Uzi's effective range.
  • DO NOT use an Uzi and an M9 pistol at the same time (unless you really REALLY want to); a low damage primary weapon and a low damage sidearm don't mix well.
  • Since it is one of the weakest primary weapon in CF (much more powerful than P90), Mauser M1896 (and variants) maybe the most recommended sidearm when using this weapon.


In Real Life

  • The name "Uzi" for this gun were taken from the name of the person who designed it, Uziel Gal. Interestingly, Gal apparently didn't want this gun to be named after him, but his request was ignored.
  • Uzi is the most widely used SMG in the world with more than 90 national armed forces worldwide.


  • This gun is featured as a starting weapon alongside M16 in CF Russia, replacing the M700 (Which is sold in Item Shop).
  • The single-variant of the Uzi in CrossFire takes the model from Mini Uzi, while the dual-variant is modelled after Micro Uzi.
  • The Uzi has a stock, which is seen to be folded in in order to serve as a foregrip for better recoil control in real life. However, HUD shows that the character's left hand still ridiculously holds the body of the Uzi instead of its foregrip, which explains why the Uzi in-game has a high recoil.



CrossFire - Uzi - Weapon Gameplay

CrossFire - Uzi - Weapon Gameplay

Uzi gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam Mini Uzi Gameplay

CrossFire Vietnam Mini Uzi Gameplay

Uzi Gameplay

Review of the Uzi

Review of the Uzi

Uzi review

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