Hey all! So I went to see CF QQ App and they have released all pictures of all sections of this new Parkour Mode Map.

I can explain each Section one by one

Section 1: The blocks push you to the beggining. You need to curve them.

Section 1 Jump: You need to fall on the jump pad to reach the ladder.

Section 2: Jump on the platforms until you reach the end.

Section 3: Jump on the platforms until you reach the end at the top.

Section 4: You have 2 ways to do this. Red way is faster but harder. White way is longer but easier.

Section 5: The Golden/Yellow barriers will push you back. You need to curve them until you reach the end.

Section 6: Jump on the platform blocks.

Section 7: Same as above

Section 8: Same as above but smaller blocks

Section 9: Here's the tricky one. The Green platforms are traps. They don't have a ground. The White ones are real platforms. Those are the ones you need to follow.

Section 10: Jump on the platforms and ride down the red line.

Section 11: The side of the walls jump you from one way to another. Guide yourself until you reach the end. This is a very hard one.

Section 12: This is where that special jump boost item comes in handy. The Red and Blue ways are impossible to reach without the jump boost item. The only way is the White way. Red and Blue are faster but trickier. The jump pads will automatically guide you to the end.

Section 13: You go around the giant rings on the jump pads.

Section 14: Jump on the jump pads all the way up.

Section 15: Jump on the platforms until you reach the end.

Section 16: This one i'm not sure, but you can guide yourself through the rings/rainbow, or take the longer part, which is the long platform. This is the final Section.