Ok so.. As you know, most newest game contents come first from CF China, and I know that most of the contributors to this Wikia use Fraps, Bandicam to record gameplays, short showcases of weapons/characters/maps, or simply capturing their HUDs/layout. But following the newest TOS of Tencent, beside upgrading the anti-cheating system, any third-party recording apps will be banned also. The given reason from Tencent is that those recording apps lock the in-game FPS, allowing players to map-bug illegally.

That's the newest announcement from Tencent. This means that if you want to record a video or stuff, you have to use the available recording app installed in the game client (dunno what it is and how to use yet). So, anyone intending to use other apps and record videos, capturing HUDs, etc.. should consider what app to use anyway.

Notice that this TOS will applied to the CF China's Official Server on July 22nd. Personally, I think this TOS doesn't apply to the Test Server however (hackers are wrecking havoc in that server already, and they are still living fine).

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