This is the current news of the new month's update (probably February 2019 too, maybe?). I'll update more if I have more information.

I heard that the new VVIP character has the Zombie Mode skills from previous VIP characters (Shockwave Sword, Daphne Sword,...), LOL.

New Maps:

  • Team Escape Mode: Break Out (逃脱爆破模式)
  • Challenge Mode: Boss War (冰火踪迹)

VVIP Items:

  • AWM-Red Frame Hawk (or AWM-Red Eagle (红鹰) in CF China)
  • Crusherz (or Emma in CF China)

Weapon Sets:

  • Ancient Set
  • Valentine 2019 Set
  • Royal Dragon 7 Set (威龙 in CF China, Candle Dragon?)