Sorry Abel09, I'm so excited with this update so I create new blog :D forgive me ^^ This is for 10th Annyversary of CFQQ, I'm shock when I see 7 VVIP (include 6 weapons item and 1 character). And look like we have new AI mode or the upgrade mode of the previous maps


  • New AI Upgrade: now we have Crater 2.0 @@ Come on Tencent, why you still use this map? I think new map just like Fatal Cannon is better than this
  • Second: we all know the appearance of the trio AK-47 Buster. As you see, when the bar fill energy. Press "F" to open shop, maybe we can upgrade something for our weapons
  • New Mode: invisible with both sides? I don't know, you can guess. Maybe it's ghost mode with both sides invisible ??
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