Attention soldiers, we're entering another busy month with most of the admins and content mods hooked up to other important tasks - therefore, I feel that we'll be needing some new force soon. Thus, CF Wikia will open up recruitment once more.

This time, we're looking to recruit Representative Moderator, who will be responsible for keeping track of their respective CF servers (West, Brazil, Russia, etc...) to update the content for the Patch/Update box. This is a much easier to fulfill for most readers out here. I've been criticized about being too strict on recruiting Content Mod, so yeah, let's hope we can actually get along this time.


  • Being a CF Wikia member for at least 2 weeks with 25 edits
  • Able to keep track of your CF servers frequently (at least monthly, other busy server might need extra attention).
  • Know how to edit Wikia efficiently (working with source code).

Your duty:

  • As stated, all I ask you for is to keep track on updates on your server, and maybe others too if you play multiple CF servers like some of us. Just note if there's any update and add them to the Patch/Update template ASAP.
  • You're free to help out other content mods on the usual Wikia business, such as creating new articles, fixing info, update images, etc...
  • This is optional, but if you are able to provide rez files (from rez2 folder) of the CF servers you're playing at, it'll count toward your contribution points and help you advance to Administrator seat a lot faster.

Just reply to this blog if you're interested and I'll review you guys ASAP.

NOTE: This recruitment will be opened UNTIL we have all servers covered. So don't worry about time limit or anything, unless you're able to cover all of them (lol!)

Recruited Reps:

  • Brazil: Evrnvrbr
  • Philippines: AvalancheExia
  • Korea: Thehienvuduy
  • Español: Evrnvrbr, Thehienvuduy

Open seat:

  • All other servers: Low priority.
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