It's been announced that CFVN is closing this July 1st due to license expires from SmileGate. This has been rumored since April due to a post on VTC website announcing the closure but apparently the negotiation is extended to June, thus now we have the official statement from VTC Games.

CrossFire will be closed down on July 1st 2020 and the game will be put under VTC Online (believe it or not they're 2 different companies) with a new title, CrossFire Official. The game will feature the legacy client with a new login portal so players will have to use GoID account in place of their old VTCGame account (Transferring notice will be announced soon). Players get to keep their entire inventory, down to temp items, however the VIP System will be discarded so ingame perks such as no penalty on deserting or extra magazine might be gone as a result.

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