• RonBWL

    CF Vienam's new policies

    July 28, 2020 by RonBWL

    Starting August 15th 2020, CF Vietnam will implement two new policies in order to combat the ongoing cheating issues, mostly caused by Chinese players. One, the game will apply IP-ban to China, so if you live there, you'll have to use a VPN to connect and play. Two, the most important factor, all CF Vietnam accounts must now be phone-verified - creating new VTC Online accounts is still unrestricted, but in order to play CrossFire, you need a local mobile phone number linked to your account.

    This, coupled with the new XC3 / CodeHunter working rather effectively, shows a promising future for CF Vietnam as cheaters will have to think twice before ruining us - although each mobile phone numbers can link up to 5 accounts, once that number exceed…

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  • RonBWL

    CF Vietnam is closing

    May 31, 2020 by RonBWL

    It's been announced that CFVN is closing this July 1st due to license expires from SmileGate. This has been rumored since April due to a post on VTC website announcing the closure but apparently the negotiation is extended to June, thus now we have the official statement from VTC Games.

    CrossFire will be closed down on July 1st 2020 and the game will be put under VTC Online (believe it or not they're 2 different companies) with a new title, CrossFire Official. The game will feature the legacy client with a new login portal so players will have to use GoID account in place of their old VTCGame account (Transferring notice will be announced soon). Players get to keep their entire inventory, down to temp items, however the VIP System will be di…

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  • RonBWL

    Attention soldiers, we're entering another busy month with most of the admins and content mods hooked up to other important tasks - therefore, I feel that we'll be needing some new force soon. Thus, CF Wikia will open up recruitment once more.

    This time, we're looking to recruit Representative Moderator, who will be responsible for keeping track of their respective CF servers (West, Brazil, Russia, etc...) to update the content for the Patch/Update box. This is a much easier to fulfill for most readers out here. I've been criticized about being too strict on recruiting Content Mod, so yeah, let's hope we can actually get along this time.


    • Being a CF Wikia member for at least 2 weeks with 25 edits
    • Able to keep track of your CF server…
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  • RonBWL

    CF Wikia December update

    December 4, 2018 by RonBWL

    So 2018 is ending, and I'd like to quickly drop by and announce some updates regarding CF Wikia:

    First up, we're getting a new Administrator, TristanBladeB - months ago, I personally made him a Content Mod and you guys can already see the amount of works he put into CF Wikia, so this promotion is to recognize all of his hard works. Unfortunately, the Staff Recruitment #2 has no applicants, so I'll just close it with TristanBladeB's promotion.

    Second, we're reworking the Homepage for a bit and archive the "Update Highlight" section because no one in our current staff can take care of it for the time being. Don't worry, it's not going away, just hidden from Homepage - when we have enough stuff who can maintain it frequently, I'll bring it back…

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  • RonBWL

    Staff Recruiting 2 is now open

    November 10, 2018 by RonBWL

    Calling all mercenaries,

    CF Wikia is growing bigger and bigger, and as such we're always in need of more help from loyal soldiers to keep this place up-to-date, not to mention that the veteran staff are also getting more and more busy and unable to be consistently online to deal with threats and trolls. As the head Manager, I hereby declare that we're opening another Staff Recruiting Session!

    • Content Moderator: x2 - Able to delete, lock pages.
    • Administrator: x1 - Same as above + ban members.

    • Must be a registered members for at least 60 days.
    • Must have at least 50 meaningful edits (grammar/spelling fixes don't count).
    • Must be able to remain active for at least 4 days per week.

    • Must at least have major CF clients installed and updated, those being …

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