As we can see, almost all of CrossFire version will got the 2.0 interface. Starts from this point, I will make CF Wiki has a closer look like in the Crossfire 2.0's UI.

LOGO CFWiki2.0

The new Crossfire Wiki logo resembles from CF 2.0 logo that I've got from CFPH. I modified a little bit and removed the "2.0" caption on it and replaced with "Wiki". The "Wiki" caption still uses the same font (Eurostile LT Std - Bold Extended 2), but it is slanted until 24 degrees to make it has the same slant as Crossfire's logo.

New Home Icons Part 1 : Game Features

HOME GameFeatures

As we can see in our Home right now, especially in Game Features section. The images took a lot of spaces and between the first line and the second line it has an annoying gap (which makes me feel crazy). So in the new Icon, it will took less space. If you take a look closer to the icon, I took the border from CF 2.0's ItemBox.

New Home Icons Part 2 : Game Modes

HOME GameModes-Pt1

Same thing as the Game Features icon, the new icon has been given a CF 2.0 ItemBox border. In my opinion, in Home page we should only add 6 game modes in big icon. Three of them are the new and the other three are the hot one. How about the rest of them? Check the Day 2 progress tommorow!

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