CrossFire China's November update is coming soon! Here are the various previews that were posted:

New Mode: Wave + S&D crossover is finally on its way; after being delayed for 4-5 months:

New add-on option for Suppression Mode! Check the next tab for more information.

C4-Wires option for Suppression Mode: Black List will able to select between two wires when planting the bomb. If Global Risk cuts the correct wire, it will instantly defuse the bomb, but should they choose wrong, it will instantly explode! Both sides can choose one of the following options when Planting / Defusing:

Black List:
  • Left Click + 1: Red Wire.
  • Left Click + 2: Blue Wire.
  • Left Click: Random Wire.
Global Risk:
  • Button E + 1: Cut Red Wire.
  • Button E + 2: Cut Blue Wire.
  • Button E: Normal Defuse.

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