The Crossfire Wiki has vandalism from other user that reason the admin are being mad by other user, so i've put the rule about the wiki

Rules of Wiki

The following rule about this wikia is Not Support for some other user of this wiki are:

1.Create Page are nothing or is a spam that user are nothing thus creating spam page are unknown reason.

2.Page from comment are trying give from cash or some free VVIP.

  • This are most likely from Philippines are trying give some ECoin for user.

3.Posting from Page that they have bad words or profanity.

4.Posting randomly forum (For example: give free cash or vvip) are not support

The following rule of this are Support for user:

1.Creating new page for new weapon and character from crossfire china

  • This can edit for incorrectly spelling words when you finds the wrong spelling on page.

2.Can edit from page for adding availability and trivia section.

3.You can create the blog post without creating page are spam

4.Do not bullying some user or trying to give of free cash.

5.If somebody have a spam page, you need to visit from here for deleting spam page for admin.

If somebody need to add this rule, visit my message wall here that you need to ask for adding rules

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