I already made a blog post like this, but whatever, I'm still pissed as hell. Just when I came back to CF PH and thought everything is cool, Gameclub does this type of sh*t again.

You just had to give away the Python Breeze (Zephyr), didn't you GC? Didn't you just do a goodbye discounted sale for the Zephyr Set a few months ago? You slimy no good bastards that keep SCREWING OVER your paying players!

Why do you have to give away Lotto Sets that were recently removed? Why not the very old sets, or even better those useless rental guns in the Item Shop?

You wouldn't catch other games doing this crap, only CrossFire does this on a regular basis, especially with publishers like GC. You guys make EA and Activision look like absolute saints!

Well it doesn't matter in the end since Gameclub is relinquishing CrossFire Philippines to Smilegate in September. Goodbye you greedy f*cks who couldn't be bothered to: (ban cheaters efficiently, fix your laggy servers, and treat your P2P players with respect) GOOD RIDDANCE!!

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