User Customization System encompasses multiple types of user customization. This includes Character Portrait Borders, Character Portrait Backgrounds, Character Portrait Icons, Weapon Borders, and Rank Icons. This does NOT include Character Equipment, or Items.

Character Portrait Borders

These are different stylized borders when you are loading into a game. They are mainly earned from reaching a certain rank in Elite PVE Mode. Others can be displayed by equipping a full VVIP Weapon Set or equipping a specific character.

Character Portrait Backgrounds

These are different stylized backgrounds for your character when you are loading into a game. These are mainly earned from reaching a certain rank playing Ranked Match, and more recently reaching a certain level in the Honor Marshal system.

Character Portrait Icons


This type of Loading Screen feature displays an icon of what rank you achieved in Ranked Match at the top right of your Character Portrait. This can also be customized. Unconfirmed...

This can be used to display your highest rank achieved, for example, if you achieved Grand Master in one season, but only got to Diamond next season, then you will be able to choose the Grand Master icon to show on your Character Portrait of your previously achieved rank.

Weapon Borders

These type of borders are exclusive to VVIP Weapon Sets when equipping a full set and do not show up in-game but rather only in the Game Lobby, and the Item Storage's Bags section but not on the actual list of all your weapons.

Rank Icons

Recently added, this allows the player to change the actual icon of what Rank you are when you reach Honor Marshall. They require getting a certain level in the Honor Level system. This displays in Game Lobbies and the Loading Screen.

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