• I live in Philippines
  • I was born on December 10
  • My occupation is Gaming and others
  • I am Noob :v


Hello guys my name is jericho and i am playing CF(formerly) any games and making 3D Animation, every week.

Q & A:

Q:Do you play Overwatch?

A:Always, but only in Free weekend in any month. But now I bought it during summer sale.

Account Info

Current Rank IGN Clan Activity
Class 28


Current Inventory

NOTICE: Temporary weapon are not included in my inventory. Only permanent weapon are included

Not Available...


Trivia(about myself)

About Me in Real Life:

  • I'm a special child but seriously, my voice isn't good that I'm 17 years old.


  • i didn't play cf everyday since my brother using my account so i was playing ROBLOX
    • In ROBLOX on June 28 to 30. I will be offline because they will be hack my account which i use 2 step verification and i will CFPH in june 28 to 30.
      • They didn't realize it's was a fake news and it's not hack my account which I've got being mad myself.
  • I was start playing RŌBLOX on 10/6/2015 because of my other account got hacked.


  • My money is earned and it's now has 480 ECoin for buying ScarLight-Virgo when it's release in September.
    • And finally, I've successfully purchase an Scar Light-Virgo, no one can loot my own weapon.
      • Also I'm waiting for Knight SR-25 Burning Shot on December.
  • I'm always play on FFA but seriously, the hacker are so idiot because they've gave me a death score that my honor losing me.
  • My account got hacked due temporary password was not sent in my Gmail and it not fixed anymore...
    • I've create an alternative account, i might to retrieve my own account soon...
      • Finally... My account got back, because, GC Fix the temporary password.
  • Also I bought viper character during christmas sale on december 2016.


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