aka Art Maximilian

  • I live in PHILIPPINES
  • I was born on October 17
  • My occupation is Car and Gun Enthusiast
  • I am MALE


Hello, everyone. I'm Infiniti35, regular guest in CrossFire fandom. I currently joined on March 16th, 2014 this is my crossover account, to continuing editing and updates in any article within this CF Fandom. I worked for Operation7 and Need for Speed wikia since in 2012. I played CrossFire Philippines since 2010 when I was in High School, another is the Latin version since I've played the Operation 7 Latino, since 3-4 years but now I quit playing now focusing playing CF Philippines due to high demand I invest a lot to get a nice and valuable weapon skin. Nowadays, for being editing and adding a new pages makes easier to read and understanding for every player get more information to get. Life of cars and guns are different, it is quietly a matter and differs in every person how being to being pursue. If you have any concerns, please leave your message in Message wall. Thank you!


CF Version Current Rank Code Clan Personal Update Status
Philippines-Flag NA class (63) Lieutenant Colonel 5th Grade


July 30, 2019 Inactive
CF Version Current Rank Code Clan Personal Update Status
Philippines-Flag NA class (27) Master Sergeant 6th Grade


Feb. 22, 2020 Partially Active


  • The original name of my IGN is SaMsUiT.
  • Later years I changed my IGN as SaMsUiT-MC8R I got promote as captain and before I brought my first VVIP weapon the M4A1-S Jewelry and my first zodiac weapon the 9A-91 Scorpius.
  • The MC8R is comes from the special homologate car from Toyota MR-2.
  • I often change my clan because few players are online and no ones can go CW because my survival skills was shattered so I play the game mode has spawn like FFA, TDM etc. Now I play in some time in vacant time.
  • Recently my account was hacked twice and I couldn't retrieve my account anymore, so I decide to use my secondary account (later will become a main account) lesson learned: Don't trust anyone for promoting free VVIP or event that seems to be legitimate or hosted by fake GMs, always think first before you click don't hesitate that's all.
  • The RX-7 is comes from the actual sports car from Mazda all engine powered by rotary the 13B-REW.
  • And now once again I change my IGN my new IGN is SaMsUiT-400R
  • The 400R is comes from the special variant of Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. The 400 stands for a number of HP, while the R is racing. This was a final version of R33 GT-R before the introduction of R34 GT-R. This car produce 100 units, but it produce only 44.

My Inventory (SaMsUiT-400R)

My Inventory (SaMsUiT_RX-7)


My winning lotto



  • I play often in Free for All one of my favorite (cheaters/hackers sometimes makes me displeasure so I find the suitable room) to test every weapons that I won in New Black Market.
    • I am almost proficient in sniper match mostly in Black Widow sometimes in New Greece.
    • Sometimes I played TDM.
  • I also play often in Mutant Escape Mode that was also my favorite alternative to Hero Mode X which I kill more mutants before getting infected. I won only once as soldier.
  • I never use Barrett's reason is being a unrealistic that gun supposed to be semi-auto.
  • In sniper matches, I prefer semi-automatic due to high rate of fire and can kill multiple targets with huge ammo.

  • I often read the encyclopedia in internet like Wikipedia all about physics, cars and firearms that makes a enthusiast.
  • I work as car mechanic but I quit only in 6 months to see another opportunities.
  • I spent watching mortgage video in CrossFire, other than that I watch car videos in YouTube.

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