BossImage Uranus
Uranus is a boss that appears in Fatal Canyon (Hard difficulty onward). He is the one threatening BL's Chemical Plan and will bust through the Dam after Longbill was killed.


Uranus shares appearance with Atlas, but with greenish skin and he features a new set of attacks, some are very deadly. Instead of the zombies, he commands the Mechs to distract Soldiers while he attack them himself.


Initially, Uranus utilizes the same Fire Breath, sweeping across the dam as he advances forward. Once Soldiers are pushed back to the last line defense, Uranus will settle himself there and switch to a new set of attacks:

  • Minions: He will summon an infinite amount of Mechs to distract and hurt soldiers.
  • Earth Quake: He will slam the ground and damage soldiers via shock waves. Jump to dodge this attack, or use Jumping Pad.
  • Laser Beam: He will use his tail to shoot out laser beam. These are not homing, so soldiers can dodge them easily.
  • Missles: He will launch a bunch of rockets and attempt to hit soldiers off-guards. These are marked on the ground, move out of their way before they strike.
  • Fire Breath: He will gather fire in his mouth then blast away. He only targets one area with this attack (From the start of the round to finish).
  • Laser Sweep: He will turn to one side and breath out a huge laser wave, then sweep across to the center. Use the jumping pad to escape to the opposite ledge.
  • Energy Blast: He will gather an Energy Ball at his mouth and charge it until it explodes and instant-kill anyone caught in the blast. The only safe spots are behind the two Laser Canons, marked with a light square.

Tips & Strategies

  • Target Uranus' mouth, it's his weak point and deals 3x damage. Scoring 20% damage against his weak point is required to win Boss Crate.
  • It is possible to beat Uranus before he reaches the Laser Canon with concentrated firepower. Heavy equipment and luck are required to pull this off.
  • Knight SR-25 Burning Shot is the best gun against Uranus, as it allows maximized damage from far away distance. However, P90 Wild Shot / Fatal Wasp is better for time attack, as it can score good damage at close to medium distance and the Charged function is instant effect.
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