Unearth is one of the first Zombie Mode map, along with Biohazard. It's sets within a Black List encampment in the middle of the desert.


  • Camp
  • BL Camp
  • Base


While uncovering a lost relic, Black List contaminates an ancient burial ground with a chemical weapon, causing unspeakable horrors to rise from their graves. The planet enters a new era of Unearth.


Soldiers start spreaded out around the camp on various rooftops. From there, initial zombies are getting slayed until bigger threat comes up. Every buildings interiors are zombies spawns, along with some weird capsules.

The military tent in the center is the main and only ammunition supply for the whole mission, a good place to stop by every so often to refill. Additional supply are being dropped every five waves, that includes grenades and small hypomeds (fitheenth wave only), it also applies to every survival maps.

The Southwest house is known as the safest spot considering the zombies are coming in a straight line and the distance between both parties is significantly decent until scorchers are involved, in such case, someone has to lure them outside. The small ponds are also safe points for people not using fall damage reduce.


Main article: Heraklops

Heraklops is the final boss in normal difficulty in both Unearth & Valkyrie maps. He's a giant biochemical soldier wielding a 1.5 ton iron mace with a special ability to stun soldiers temporarily within its blast radius. His iron mace deals massive damages when threw from above, but can also strikes from the side, dealing few damage.

While he's a close quarter combat type, the real danger lies within its minions. As he can stun any soldiers too close from him, zombies can deal lots of damages if they are not taken care of. It is best to use the luring tactic to make his ability completely useless. At this point, avoiding damages is significantly easier.


  • After the release of this map, some hack allows them to create a 8 (even 16) people room for this map and Venice. (CF China)
  • The table under the Ammo Station in the tent is unreachable by players but weapon thrown to the ground can still pass through. Avoid exchanging weapons in the tent, since if you throw your weapon carelessly, it will get stuck under the table and nobody will be able to get it.



CrossFire China Unearth (Khu Huấn Luyện) AI 1

CrossFire China Unearth (Khu Huấn Luyện) AI 1

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