"Only the best soldiers of the ULP group arrive at the office of the X. Commanding the other ULPs, the X group is the most respected and envied on the battlefield, because of their unmatched beauty and their superior skill."
- in-game description

ULP-X is a character variant of ULP and a female character featured in CrossFire.


Unlike normal ULP, she is the upgraded version of ULP and thus, the character model is slightly different from her original counterpart: the GR side now looks slightly younger and her outfit is now painted black instead of dark-blue, along with the black hat added; the BL side looks almost same with her original version but has painted her hair red and wears a dark-brown camo outfit.

She has the ability to see better in smoke, thus making her only available in the Black Market. Her skill also stackable with Smoke Helmet, which makes players can see in smoke more clearly when equips it. However, in CF Russia, CF Vietnam, CF China and CF Brazil, she's a normal character with no special ability, but on the other hand, she's more easily to obtain in these version as she's available in either Item Shop or Mileage Shop.


  • Even though it is a different character from ULP, it shares the same HUD in some versions.
    • In CF Brazil, CF Vietnam, CF China and CF Philippines, they gave ULP-X its very own HUD, they even recolored the character's gloves in third-person similar as the gloves in first-person.
  • In CF West, players can obtain her for temporary as a pre-sale bonus for the Thompson-Infernal Dragon.
  • At first, CF Indonesia released her as a normal character, then upgraded her as a special ability character.
  • In CF Brazil, CF Vietnam and CF China, she is available in FP Shop but without skill.
    • After an updated in CF Vietnam, she (along with SWAT-Elite) has been moved to Mileage Shop (replacing FP Shop), both temporary and permanent.
  • In CF Philippines, this character has been in the Black Market since its release and it's still available today, due to the fact that her skilled nature makes her popular to Filipinos players.
  • Funny enough, in CF Vietnam, the original ULP is named "Lady Ranger" while this character is named as "ULP-X" instead.



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