"The ULP is a group of female Special Forces officers, founded in England in 1940, to combat terrorist activities and serious crime."
- in-game description

ULP (United Lady Peacemaker) is a female character featured in CrossFire.


The ULP was founded by a group of lady soldiers who were refused enlistment in elite Special Forces around the world in order to prove that women can hold their own against men in the military. This unit specializes in covert and anti-terrorist operations. Using their feminine charm and lethal combat training, the ULP has become a force to reckon with. The ULP can be seen working alongside with other special forces usually for the right price.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions



  • She is the first female character ever created in CrossFire. In general, she's the 4th character to be featured in the game after the three basic characters (SWAT/OMOH/SAS).
  • When was first released in CF China, her health bar icon is quite different, which she wore a hat, but soon later it got changed. It still can be seen in some old footages.
  • ULP is also known as Lady Ranger in CF Vietnam. She is the first female character available in the Item Shop, the second is The Arch and the third is Ngọc Trinh. (all other characters are available in Black Market, VVIP System and AI Ticket System).
  • There is a skilled character variant, which is ULP-X. In some versions, she has the ability to see better in smoke.
  • After one of the updates made in CrossFire, the BL side's short pants got changed in color as yt changed from blue to a yellow.
  • Due to the debut of ULP-X, plus her skills (in some versions) as well as chance to own her permanently (especially in any version that sold her in MP Shop), ULP becomes less and less popular, which eventually makes her a "shelfwarmer" as most players prefer skilled character like Ranger, Devil Hunter, Ngọc Trinh, etc.
  • After the arrival of LA SWAT in CF Vietnam in the early time, ULP accidentally uses gloves HUD from LA SWAT, which makes LA SWAT's owners complain that it is unfair (since players pretty much spin character due to the unique HUDs). It was later got fixed.


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