Transport Ship is a Team Deathmatch map sets on a transportation vessel on its way to Nigeria. It is definitely one of the more popular map in the game, as it was remade in 2014, but also received a 10th anniversary version in 2018.


  • CF KR: Transport Ship.
  • CF JP: Transport Ship.
  • CF VN: Cargo Ship.
  • CF CN: Transport Ship.
  • CF WE: Transport Ship.
  • CF PH: Transport Ship.
  • CF ID: Transport Ship.
  • CF RU: Cargo Ship.
  • CF BR: Ship
  • CF ES: Vessel.


During surveillance for illegal weapon export activities, UN Peacekeeping Operations discovers a suspiciously large ship on its way to Nigeria from Russia. They request Global Risk to conduct a surprise inspection on this vessel as it might be an illegal weapon shipment. However, once arrived, they are ambushed by Black List.



  • In CF Vietnam, if Headshot Mode has been turned on, and you go to the tunnel and vantage point areas to shoot enemies quietly, you will be kicked because it is 'dirty' in Vietnam version. But, it is OK if you play in other versions.
  • In CF Russia, there are a lot of boxes that you can go inside there with no HP lost in this map. This is a very dangerous glitch, especially in Headshot Mode. The reason is CF Russia doesn't upgrade the new patch that make more boxes easy to go inside, but lost HP instantly.
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