TransportShip 10
Ship 11th
Transport Ship 10th Anniversary is a special edition of Transport Ship, available for Team Deathmatch. It is mostly based of its 2.0 counterpart, but with new textures and a sunset sky.


  • CF China : New Transport Ship-10th Anniversary.
  • CF Brazil: Ship-7 Years.
  • CF West: Ship-10th Anniversary.
  • CF Vietnam: Cargo Ship-11th Anniversary.
  • CF Español: Vessel-5th Anniversary.

Version Differences

Since this map is used to celebrate the server's anniversary, it has various modification when arriving to other server outside CF China. The basic map textures and objects are still the same, but banners and stickers around the map are changed to match with the server's content and ideas. The modification are noted below:


  • In CF Brazil, this map was adjusted to celebrate the seventh anniversary; therefore, the anniversary logo, photo and Chinese words are replaced by Brazilian words to celebrate their victory at the CrossFire Stars with the "We are World Champions" phrase at both bases.


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