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Training Camp is a map that only playable on the tutorial where you learn the basics in CrossFire.


The map is divided into 4 sections. The starting area has a few target practices for look-around training. To the right side is a course with barricades and laders for navigating training. After jumping out of a window, players arrive at the Weapon Training area where they can practice melee and basic gun training with the target practices. The last section serves as Grenade training with a few building to throw grenades into. After completing this section, players will be sent back to the lobby.

Training Course 2.0

The Training Camp has been improved to make it more appealing to newbie players. These includes:


  • There are some hidden pictures in this map. The example of this was a room that contains 3 CrossFire Pictures where the SPOP Character was included.
  • Some hacks allows this map to be used in Search and Destroy Mode and Team Death Match Mode. In both mode, GR and BL spawn next to each other at the starting point. In S&D, there is no invincibility timer, so both side can turn around and see who pulls the trigger first.
    • Playing Training Camp in S&D mode is a very good way to farm EXP. Since the round often ends in only five seconds, a 13 rounds match can end in less than 5 minutes, thus allowing you to earn a lot of EXP in a short time.
  • When you finished the first basic tutorial, it will give you an amount of EXP and GP as a reward.



Chinese CrossFire - Boot Camp Training 2

Chinese CrossFire - Boot Camp Training 2

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