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Train is a Team Deathmatch map available in CrossFire. The setting of the map is inside the train manufacturing warehouse.


The Global Risk has stopped the Black List’s plot of destroying the U.K.’s biggest station, the water-loo station and has known that when they have retreated, they went into the train repairing facility. So an assault begins for the wholesale arrest.


The train repairing facility has a lot of obstacles worth for taking cover which consists of crates, warehouse pillars, warehouse containers, ramps, repairing tool sheds, and an under-repairment train car in the center.

The facility's loading bays are the places for the BL and GR mercenaries to respawn, which are separated to the north and south of the facility.

There is a hallway to the left of both loading bays where players can get into it through two ramps, one is just right next to the entrance door of the loading bays while another one is located right next to the unused train car in the center near the warehouse pillar. There is a spot below the hallway next to the pillar and the ramp which can be used to ambush or snipe incoming enemies storming into your team's territory.

Opposite the hallway, crates and a container can be found outside the loading bays which are useful for players to shoot and take cover. There is a small crate behind the container, allows snipers to have a good spot for sniping the train car area.

There are ramps under the unused train car which provide a space (probably a space for the workers to fix the train car's wheels) to allow players to storm through the center below it instead of going around the left or right of the train car, in which might endanger enemy's defense if they don't monitor this kind of unnoticed movements.

Train could be a suitable map for players who are skilled in "engage and take cover" technique due to the lots of obstacles featured in this map.


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