Toy Castle is a recent Team DeathMatch map sets, as the name suggests, in a small colorful toy castle.


  • Toy Castle (China, Vietnam, West).
  • Fantasy (Brazil).
  • The Playground (Philippines).


Like most TDM maps, Toy Castle has a symmetrical layout with BR and GR spawning from behind a castle wall. Both factions can access the center directly via jumping pad (right, direct launch to othe opposite castle wall) or some jumping arrow (left, boosting to team's castle wall. A side entrance on the left gives access to a tunnel with some barries soldiers can take cover from, leading to the main tower at the center. Both castle wall has a small slope leading down to the center square and some low walls for soldiers to peek around and shoot off their opponents.


  • In CFVN, there is a graphical glitch that allow players to "walk" through the walls of the tower in the center of the map. In order to do this, a player must switch to his melee weapon, face the wooden door of the tower, then press W to move forward while holding the Duck (Ctrl) button and keep clicking LMB continuously. Keep doing it for a few second and with good luck, a player can actually move through the doors before being killed by an opponent.
  • Once a player is on the other side of the walls, he/she is safe from any kind of damage caused by the enemy. The player can then switch to another weapon with a long barrel (such as a Machine Gun or Assault Rifle) so that he/she can stick the muzzle through the walls and kill everyone that walks by. Whichever team manages to take advantage of this glitch first is most likely to win the whole match.
  • Surprisingly, players who manage to use this trick rarely get kicked in CFVN, probably because most people recognize that this is not a hack, and that everyone can do the same thing.
  • To this day, the glitch has never been fixed.



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Cross Fire China Toy Castle (TD) Review !

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