The Balance WS serves as the newest Tournament WS, taking over CFS WS starting from 2016. Differently from other WS, this one actually have some modified stats for some weapons, such as AK-47, AUG-A1, AWM, M60, P90, MP5 and Colt M1911, making them more effective in hands of experienced players.

As a result, Balance WS is usually not sold in Item Shop during CFS tournament like other Tournament WS (since it could lead to balance disrupt if used against CFS, WCG, and or WEM weapons).

These weapons are likely event exclusive or only given to CFS participant players.


  • CF Vietnam has two set of Balance WS, the first one released during July 2016 patch and is named Balance weapons, and the second one was released on October 2016 patch, named CFS weapons (Both Item and HUD name).
    • This soon started to apply to other versions aswell.
  • There is a special CFS 2016 WS used in the official tournament - they have the same logo as the Celebrate one, in addition to team logo decal stuck on them.
  • In CF West, this set divide to 3 packages and they are sold in Item Shop (20000GP/package/7days), making this set is very easy to obtain, compare to other servers.


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