Thunder Vault
is a recent Mutation Mode (and variants) map sets inside a low gravity tube known as Lab 05; therefore connected with the map EMD Lab (Lab 04).


  • E.M.D. Vault (West).
  • Thunder Cylinder (Vietnam).
  • Thunder Dome (Indonesia).
  • Stellar (Brazil).
  • Thunder Vault (Korea, Japan, Philippines).
  • Bio. Space Station (China).
  • Refuge (Russia).


This map is yet another gravity themed map, as there's no fall damage in the main area; although the main gimmick are the jump pads found all around the place. They lead to various spots in the map, while the launch pad in center mainly serve to either access the top of the launch pad structure or simply avoid getting infected by the mutants.

Most spots are placed within multiple sectors, while the rest are simple ledges on the walls; which all of them have their pros and cons when camping in them. Overall the map is fairly limited in term of common spots, however there is always place for improvisation for any group of soldiers that are willing to challenge themselves slightly more.


Spots Description
Sector 01 After climbing several ramps, the top floor can be easily defended as the last ramp is short cut, meaning everyone must jump to access it. Sniper users may also enjoy the paronamic view given.
Sector 02 While the second sector is one of the main path to access the third sector, it could also be used as a spot, however, if the long ledge is not occupied, chances are soldiers won't stand a chance.
Sector 03 The third sector is mainly a spawn area, but above it is a narrow tunnel soldiers can hold pretty easily. A small gap at the opposite end will trap any mutants as long soldiers have ammunition.
Launch Pad This structure allow soldiers to jump infinitely, just like Resort's fountain. However there are muliple platforms all around the structure, but overall defenitely not recommended to defend it.
Small Ledge A short platform with limited space that can be accessed with two consecutive jump pads. It can only be effective for so long until it gets overwhelming by the amount of mutants trying to reach it.
Long Ledge A long platform with more space to work with. It might get overwhelming over time, but is at least more controllable, if anything, soldiers simply need to jump on the sector near below to escape.



  • In the Vietnamese version, the map does not feature Havoc vs. Nemesis, but rather the original Xeno vs. Commandos combo. It is still unknown however whether this was intentional or not but is likely a mistake.


Cross Fire China -- Biochemical Space Station(生化空间站) (Terminator Mode) -GamePlay-!

Cross Fire China -- Biochemical Space Station(生化空间站) (Terminator Mode) -GamePlay-!

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