• In my opinion, TMP stats should be somewhat similar to mini uzi.

    Damage: They share the same caliber. Though TMP use JHP ammo so it can be more powerful.

    Accuracy: Both TMP & Uzi (Mini Uzi for correction) are Machine Pistol. The difference between Machine Pistol & Submachine Gun are hard to point out but existing. Submachine Gun tends to have carbine size (like M4A1, AKs74U, HK416-C....though they are Assault Rifle due to their calibers) while machine pistols are much more compact (pistol for a reason). Some SMG can be considered as Machine Pistols & vice versa. One of the main disadvantage of Machine Pistol is their recoil despite using pistol caliber. However, Mini Uzi in-game never has its folded stock used as foregrip so its recoil can be acceptably higher than TMP (whose foregrip is used).

    Rate of fire: I think both have high rate of fire, which can be accepted as they are Submachine Gun.

    Weight: For being machine pistols, their weight are acceptably light.

    The things that I find hilarious is TMP's stats are higher completely than MP5.

    This is quite stupid. Mp5 in game is MP5A3 as it has sliding stock. therefore it should be much more stable than TMP. Also, I don't think a carbine-size SMG is weaker than a machine pistol.  More than that, SMG has stability than Machine Pistol, then why the hell TMP is much more packing with accuracy than MP5

    What you guys think? Feel free to discuss.

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    • This gun, yeah, it is ridiculous powerful, but it is not that power. When you are playing S&D map like, Black Widow, it is a large map so, you take your AK47 and kill a kid bring TMP in a far distance. Or in a close map like Mexico, you have to go in group and have a good ear to hear and TMP doesn't have silence, right? So it is not hard to defeat it, just because it has got tagging effect.

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    • Worse than that weapon is the MTS shotgun. The Steyr tends to paralyze you, but the MTS moves your weapon and kills you with one shot.

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