• In their last event which is the Anniversary Rebate which  when you buy VVIP in that time period, It will give you 10% rebate for every VVIP you have in your inventory with a maximum of 90% for 9 or above VVIP. Before the event, I already have 9 VVIP (6 bought in the account(+ 2 for GSpirit), 2 Gifted, 1 Lotto which is RPK) in my inventory before I bought another because they said that they will give for EVERY VVIP THAT IS IN THE INVENTORY, sad for me that they only give 50% of my rebate and I don't know why. Maybe because they only give rebate the VVIP that only bought on that account and not gifted or won on lotto, but they said that they will give rebate based on the VVIP on the inventory. Also they count Gspirit as 1 thats why they only give 50% of my rebate.

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