• Hey there Wikia folks!

    I want to ask a question regarding the VVIP Character kick. I've heard that since it's release, people have been abusing it's kick to skip the sniper's draw speed after shooting, granting you an advantage against other players.

    But lately i've been CFCH forums and they might've fixed the kick after shooting a sniper.


    This here says in TL;DR (Too long; didn't read): 

    "Dear Players:

    The vvip characters special kick function's bug, in some certain situation have a negative impact on player's gaming experience.

    For the concern of game balance, in the next patch this bug will be fixed, after the patch, the special kick won't affect the reload speed anymore.(basically the animation of kick can't be interrupted so sniper can only be reloaded after the kick animation is finished).

    Meanwhile, the vvip chars kick ability will be enchanted with slowing effect, the target been hit by the kick will be slowing in a short period of time.

    For a better gaming experience, we will compensate the players who have already purchased Fates and Trinity:"


    So basically i've entered in CF China servers and there is no option to buy VVIP characters anymore.

    So what I need is a confirmation of any player that uses VVIP characters in CF China and uses/used the kick and tell me if this bug is fixed or not.

    Thanks for reading!


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    • Hey WalleoEU.

      I would like to thank you for your questions and I would like to answer your questions.

      1) Yes, the fast kick ability has been fixed in CF China & Vietnam. However, they are still testing some stuff.

      2) The reason why you can't buy some of the VIP characters is because they are locked in order to promote their newest VIP Character; Subject Alpha.

      However, you are allowed to trade VIP weapons for the VIP characters.

      3) Once all tests are complete and the developers are happy with the fix, they will most likely implement it to the other versions.

      The developers have probably told the publishers that the fast kick ability is not a bug. This is what the current GMs at CFNA believe and they said they don't plan to fix it. However, this will likely change in the future for all versions.

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    • Hey Abel.

      Thank you so much for answering!

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    • I would like to add that, when Furious Kick was invented, it's clearly intended to be back-up weapon that's usable in all kind of situations so that you can gain advantage in CQB. This is why on its release, you can press E anytime and the kick is performed, very useful when you run into someone during Sniper / Pistol match during a reload or if you missed a shot. HOWEVER, people soon figures out that LMB + E with Sniper Rifles gives them a much faster firing speed, leading to expert players wrecking havoc in Sniper rooms with M82A1 firing even faster than SR-25.

      Not long afterward, Tencent wised up and fixed this exploit, resulting in the kick disabled during bolt cycling animation. Still, as I said above, because Furious kick is still intended to be usable in emergency situations, it can be performed during a reload - this makes sense, since if you're caught in between a reload close to your opponent, just press E and they're finished. But then what, players exploit it again for Sniper Rifles, this time by performing LMB + R + E. While it's slower and harder to pull off, it STILL results in people wrecking havoc in Sniper rooms and fire like a maniac (Especially those that do RMB+LMB). In the end, this has to be solved with another fix that Tencent pulled off in recent patches, now the kick can only be performed when you are not doing anything animation-wise (drawing, reloading, bolt cycling...).

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    • Hope they fix that for snipers only, we still need the kick to deal with vvip des and other things too, if reloading any weapons disable the kick, it will likely become a meme ability

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    • Definitely think it's only deserve to be fix on the sniper. In close quarter situation when you a reloading a rifle, there's no reason to not allow you to use the kick, as it was what the kick was designed for.

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    • If we purchase vip char subject alpha, is it permanent or it will last for how many days?

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    • Microtoph143 wrote:
      If we purchase vip char subject alpha, is it permanent or it will last for how many days?

      Obviously permanent lol. VVIP items from VVIP System are all permanent. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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