• Whether it's Zombie Mode, Hero Mode, HMX, or Zombie Knight Mode, which of the two are the better VVIP guns effectively against zombies: RPK Infernal Dragon or Barrett M82 Born Beast? 

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    • I would RPK Infernal Dragon for Zombie Mode and Barrett M82 Born Beast for the Mutant Modes.

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    • A zombie game usually goes two ways: Soldier dominant and Zombie dominant. Depends on those two situations and other factors like locations and numbers of soldiers/enemies, your gun would make a great difference. The RPK is obviously good for stopping power and defending, while the Barret provide support damage or straight out zombie murder from a fortified or safe location. So to me, it's not which gun is better, it's more like "did you make the right choice choosing this gun for this round."

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    • RPK for Zombie Mode and Barrett for the Mutants.

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    • which            vip             gogd        vip

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    • my way of thinking "if zombie refers to HM/HMX/MM"

      1- an SMG like Thompson Infernal Dragon is perfectly fine for hunting, you got accuarcy, high fire rate, and a clip is enough to kill 1 berserk or 2 slug mutants but the clip size is too small for it's fire rate so i recommend buffing it up by buying 7 VIP thompson which will give you a total 119 bullet per clip and turn it into an absolute killing machine

      2- though the thompson is a fine option also it has much faster reload speed it's still quite a bit slow, for all VIP's rifles has the best reload speed, but with very low ammo per clip, M4A1-S-Pretador has it all, special ability it gives you 50-bullet-clip only for HM/HMX/MM, high rate of fire, fast reload speed, higher damage than SMG's, higher jump (helps you escape from very tight situations), melee ready to finish them off, they won't even touch you

      3- don't prefer escaping and running, are you a more of a "BANG BANG MOTHERF***ER" type of person? get your self an RPK-Infernal-Dragon and would be sweet if you buy a bulk of 7 only if you want 290 freaking bullet in a single clip

      my way of thinking "if zombie refers to challange/AI mode"

      dont buy a VIP better save that money and risk it all on an AA-12-Buster this one is a bad mofo

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    • here is my best vip weapons for Zombie gameplays only for mutants

      1 rpk infernal dragon

      2 m4a1 s predator

      3 thompon infernal dragon

      4 barrett obsidian beast and iron shark

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    • RPK Infernal Dragon(for higher points in ZA/ZA2) or those 'Anti-Zombie Weapons'(Especially that M240B-Tesla)

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    • M4A1-S Jewelry is the best VIP in my opinion, +1 extra life can make some difference, also Thompson-Infernal Dragon for HP recover.

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    • AK47-Knife Obsidian Beast is the best VIP I've ever had. It features a drum magazine. And also, RPK-Infernal Dragon would be better for increasing the score.

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    • for me in ZA mode AK 47 BB

      in Hero Mode RPK or Thompson VIP

      In mutant Barrett VIP or Predator but ak 47 IB and BB is good to

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