"Surrounded by the Infernal Dragon, this Thompson is forged from rare polished metals. Its internal parts churn with Dragon rage, improving damage and accuracy, with its power, fiery death is ready to be unleashed to your enemies."
- in-game description

Thompson-Infernal Dragon is a VVIP variant of the Thompson submachine gun.


Like the RPK-Infernal Dragon, Thompson-ID sports dragon decorations on the drum magazine and the Infernal Dragon wraps itself along the gun's body. The Thompson-Infernal Dragon has superior statistics over the original Thompson and all other Black Market variants. Holding 77 rounds with 154 in reserve, the Thompson-ID boasts stronger firepower, better accuracy, and lighter weight, plus faster draw/reload speed. It is an ideal gun for Zombie Mode due to its high capacity and special ZM bonuses.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions

VVIP Features

The Thompson-Infernal Dragon has various effects, that affect both the owner and other players in the same room. These effects are similar to the RPK Infernal Dragon as well:

  • 50% Bonus Points in PvE Modes for the owner.
  • 20% Bonus Points in PvE Modes for everyone.
  • 20% boost for Fever System.
  • Increased (+7) ammo for all equiped SMGs.
  • 150% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • 30% EXP bonus for everyone.
  • 20% GP bonus for everyone.

Version difference

  • CF West: 200% EXP bonus for the owner.
  • CF Indonesia: 150% EXP bonus for the owner, 150% Point bonus, same price with RPK-Infernal Dragon


Alternate Skins


  • Thompson-ID has the fourth-lowest EXP Bonus comparing to all other VVIP weapons, followed by Kukri-Beast, Desert Eagle-Born Beast, then M4A1-S Jewelry. Probably this has been done to compensate for its additional bonuses in ZM.
  • Even with upgraded ammo capacity, the Thompson-ID cannot surpass the Thompson Gold (77 vs. 80). The reason is only CF Vietnam has the Thompson Gold with an 80-round magazine.
    • Its upgraded ammo capacity is also defeated again by PPSh-41-Purple Green (77 vs. 81) and American-180 (77 vs. 165) which has been released many years later after the Thompson Gold. It's also defeated one again by CBJ-MS (77 vs.100), but this SMG still not come out in this server yet.
  • In CF North America and Europe (now CF West), this weapon gives 200% bonus EXP to the user. This is probably done to compensate for the low damage and ammo capacity compared to the RPK-Infernal Dragon.
  • Upon release in CF Vietnam, Thompson-ID only adds 2 rounds to all SMG players owned instead of 7. This is presumably a glitch, but because there was no official explanation, many players went mad and refused to buy this gun after-sale offseason has expired. For a while, the community has been looking down on Thompson-ID a lot since this gun has less EXP bonus and ammo bonus was cut short. GM -Shirunai- spent months trying to demand a fix, and while he got a lot of pressure on himself, 1149 patch finally addressed this problem, bringing Thompson-ID back to its place.
  • Unless all other versions, the Thompson-ID is cheaper than the RPK-ID in CF Europe and features the most bonuses. CF China and all other servers have the same price for both Thompson-ID and RPK-ID; however, pre-order and day-1 sales can still be applied by publishers.
  • During the pre-sale in CF Europe, it was promoted to have the Unexpected Luck bonus. After the release, this has been changed to the Fever System.
  • In CF Philippines, this weapon was removed from the VVIP Shop after roughly a year of being introduced. It was re-added in the Nightmare Before Christmas 3rd Unlock patch update, and placed in the New Black Market for 50 EC per capsule and grants the owner with 150% EXP Boost (Owner) and the rest of the perks when obtained both permanently and temporarily.
  • Nowadays, Thompson-ID (along with RPK-ID) became very abundant in CF Vietnam due to a very long time login reward events that see these two guns as a permanent reward for 21 days login consecutively, meaning almost all hardcore players were able to secure at least 7 of them for full ammo-buff effect.



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