The Swamp is a "Melee Only" Team DeathMatch / Elimination map sets within a peaceful forest surrounded by toxic water. It is used for melee training by Black List mercenaries. This map is available in every versions:


  • God of Death (Vietnam).
  • Grim Reaper (SEA).
  • The Docks (West).
  • Sludge (Brazil).
  • Reaper (Indonesia).
  • Blade Camp (China).
  • Estero (Philippines).
  • Vietnam (Espanol).
  • Carnage (Russia).


Similar to Sewers, Swamp is a symmetrical map with both teams spawn facing each other, connected by two wooden platform. Each side's camp has a ramp leading to a balcony where you can camp; useful in Elimination.

The swamp's water is a toxic zone and will drain anyone's health very quickly (3 HPs per second) if they step into it. Falling behind any of the spawns would be deadly, but not impossible to come back on the dock.



Chinese CrossFire - Swamp TD (Melee Only)!

Chinese CrossFire - Swamp TD (Melee Only)!

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