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Terminal is a weapon pickup Elimination map.


  • Old Street (China).
  • Terminal (West).
  • No Way Out (Brazil).
  • Firewall (Vietnam).
  • The Monorail (Russia).
  • Back Street (Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Japan)


Terminal Map Layout
Sharing the same weapons as Disposal Plant, this map has seventeen XM1014 shotgun, eight grenades spreaded out and two Desert Eagle at the top-end of the map. GR and BL spawn at two small stations next to each other armed with their Melee. From here, they can choose to play in various ways:
  • Rush forward and pick up the XM1014 as well as the grenades, then destroy the wooden planks to cut to the other side and eliminate opponents.
  • Use the side walkway and reach the Desert Eagle, taking cover and pick off opponents from distance.
  • Jump to the top of the Tram station and pick up the lone XM1014 here. Then either stay high up and pick off opponents or drop down to surprise them.
  • Go to the opposite spawn right away and try to kill enemies with melee weapons.


  • Each player can only pick up one grenade. Once they use it, they will not be able to pick up another one.
  • This map is famous for EXP farming due to its compact design. A common strategy is to have one team kill another at their spawn point, then switch side to make a 13-12 win - this way they get the most EXP out of an EM match. The alternative way consists of a sole 13-0 match, cutting the match time by half but EXP earned will be much less.
  • CF Vietnam has a dedicated EXP Farming channel (TC-3 Channel 10) and Street is the key map used here. All rooms are locked and the password is always "1". In CF Russia EXP Farming channel is located on Server 5 Channel 10.
  • In CF EU where farming is not allowed, this map is infamous for being exploited by a large number of players for fast EXP. The GMs have threatened to remove the map if the farming continued, while banning the farmers. As of now, the map is no longer being exploited, and the GMs continue to take "anti-farming measures".


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