Team Deathmatch is one of the game modes in CrossFire and the basic Team mode. BL and GR fight against each other in various battlefields, and it's up to the players to work together to bring victory to their team.


In TDM, up to 16 players can join a room, 8 for each side. BL and GR start at their base and their only goal is to kill their opponents until the match ends. There are 2 settings to choose from:

  • Kills: team scores enough kills first is winner.
  • Time: team has more kills when the clock ticks to zero is the winner. The rest is consider draw.

Once a match start, it's fight-to-the-death and players must assist each other to increase their chance of winning. Sometimes a map will have weapons restriction, such as the map Prison can only use Sniper Rifle and Melee.


Here are all of the Team DeathMatch maps:


  • No Restriction.
  • Sniper Only*
  • Pistol Only
  • Melee Only*
  • Soccer Mode.
  • Shotgun Only (Select Maps).
  • Headshot Only (Select Maps).
  • Melee / Grenades (Select Maps).
  • Melee / RPGs (Select Maps).
  • 1v1**

*Some maps automatically have this option when selected.

**Ranked Match only

Version differences

  • In CF Vietnam and CF Japan, respawn time is set to 10 seconds and cannot be changed. These servers sell Fast-respawn item to compensate for that factors and thus rich players will have advantage over other with Fast respawn item equipped. These include: 7 seconds (GP item), 4 seconds (Cash item, CF VN only, but it can ontain through Kukri-Tiger GP Capsule) and 3 seconds (Cash Item, CF Japan only).
    • After an updated, CF Japan allowed players to change respawn time like most versions, leaving CF Vietnam to be the only version to have 10-second time respawn lock. However, CF Japan still offered 3 seconds & 7 seconds fast respawn item.
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