Tang Dynasty Sword-Silver is a melee weapon in CrossFire.


As its name suggested, this is a short silver sword originates from the Tang Dynasty era, with blue decoration strings at its stock and it comes with its own holster. When drawn, player character will unsheathe the sword out and hold it with one hand while the other holds the holster in place.

Performance wise, the Tang Dynasty Sword has quite good stats with quick swings attack (RMB) and a double attack (RMB) where player characters sheathe the sword then unsheathe it, executing an upward slash then side-slash back, both dealing lethal damage; however, the secondary attack only deal 99 HP, which is a disadvantage.

Being an Anti-Zombie Weapon, this sword features a charging bar in Zombie Mode and when it's full, the holster will be charged with Blue Aura. Pressing 3 will make player throw the holster into the sword, turning it into a Laser Dagger and perform multiple quick slashes before unsheathing the sword again. While performing this attack, players are immune to zombie's attack, but moves very slow.


  • CF China



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