Taiji is the second Parkour Mode map, following Space Jump. It resembles a Chinese playground with many difficult obstacles and new ways to navigate through the map.


  • CF China: Taiji
  • CF West: Balance
  • CF Brazil: Chinese Park
  • CF Español: The Challenge
  • CF Vietnam: Parkour II
  • CF Indonesia: Taiji
  • CF Russia: Limit
  • CF Korea: Taekwon Space
  • CF Philippines: Taichi Space


Just like Space Jump, this map has various obstacles for you to finish the map. On the other hand, but map is excessively harder than Space Jump and it requires you to move more flexibly. With 16 players and a completely new, pumped up soundtrack, this map brings the real feel of parkour'ing around.

Lots of new mechanics has been introduced in this map, such as bouncing on the walls and navigating through the stage, electric walls which can push players back, automatic paths (Red route is the fastest, Blue route is in the middle, White route is the easiest but takes longer), jump pads to the top, jump pads around big rings and navigating through yellow rings with a boost. There are many jump pads with the image of a dog's paw.

This map also features a very thrilling soundtrack, similar to a intensive Chinese song, that suits the theme that the map is being played.


  • It is possible that in round 14, you can jump directly from the last jump pad to fly through round 15 and reach round 16.
  • Round 9 is pretty similar to one in Space Jump but much easier, as the "unreal" flats are marked green while the Space Jump has both black and white randomly.
  • Strangely in CF Vietnam, before the release of this map, it was supposed to be named Taiji, but when officially released, it is named Parkour II instead and sounds like another variant of Parkour Mode.

World Record

  • The current World Record in Taiji is 3:14 held by a Chinese player. The run pretty much used every shortcuts found in this map plus some bunny hop skip strats and going off-route to skip a few checkpoints entirely.


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