TRG-21 is a bolt-action sniper rifle available in CrossFire.


TRG-21 is the direct competitor of the AWM, having lighter weight, fast bolt-cycling time (albeit slightly slower than AWM), and its firepower is as powerful as AWM. In most CF versions, the accuracy decreases at long distance, but in CF Europe and CF Indonesia, it acts exactly like the AWM.

This rifle is painted in olive drab green as its original color both in real life and in-game.


  • High damage dealing.
  • As light as AWM.
  • Extremely accurate (only in certain servers).
  • Quieter firing sound.
  • Slightly fast reloading speed.
  • Slightly fast drawing speed.
  • Dual scope phase.


  • Slower bolt-cycling speed compared to AWM.
  • Less accurate (only in certain servers).
  • More expensive than AWM (only in certain servers).
  • Low magazine capacity (5 or 10 rounds).
  • Sometimes deals only 80 damage.


  • Available in all CrossFire versions.



  • This gun shares animation with RAI Model 500.
  • This is one of the sniper rifles in CrossFire where the gun's bolt won't be pulled back in the drawing animation when the character cocks it.
  • In real life, TRG-21 is a low cost competitor to the AWM. In some CF versions, the TRG-21 is more expensive than the AWM.
  • It was obtainable permanently from Reward Crate - Crystal in CF Vietnam where players can sell it back for 22500 GP to rack up a quite lot of GPs to be burnt in Black Market.
    • Currently it has been removed, along with the permanent P90 from the Reward Crate - Gold and now are replaced with a 7-day VSK-94 as of the Marshall (Tổng Tư Lệnh) patch.
  • CF Indonesia made one minor typo while mentioning the manufacturer's name in the gun's description. Instead of "Sako" from Finland, it is typed as "Saco" which was actually the old name of the General Electric Company that manufactured the M134 Gatling Gun and M60.
  • This gun is a Mission Reward and Attendance System reward in CFPH.


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